The #weilwirdichlieben campaign emerged out of simple but emotional insight: that the relationship between BVG customers and the BVG is similar to the relationship between parent and child. Parents love their kids, care for their kids, and protect them. And while children may complain and may not always like what their parents say or do, deep down they know they are loved. From this very first insight, we developed the claim—weil wir dich lieben—a new logo, a print and digital advertising campaign, as well as internal alignment work to bring together the thousands of people who work for the BVG. The challenge for the BVG was to bring an overlooked and under-appreciated brand back into the spotlight for locals and tourists alike. The success of the campaign was quick and clear, as patrons of the BVG adopted the hashtag on social media, other brands riffed on the claim, and graffiti artists repurposed it around the city.